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  About Us

  A privately-owned ISO 9001 Certified company, NIE's history is marked by memorable milestones of growth and dynamic expansion
  in the Far East.

  NIE's commitment to quality service and product has enabled her to become a reputable distribution company in the region. The Group  has taken bold, strategic steps to anticipate changes, penetrate new markets and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

  A forward moving company, we understand the need to align
  our process improvements and IT investments with our business
  strategy. As such, NIE does not hesitate to invest in IT to support
  our continual process improvement plans.

  From the humble beginning in 1974 as a small retailer of electronic
  components and acessories, the Group has diversified rapidly and
  now undertakes a comprehensive line of business activities from
  distribution, representation sales to value-added support services viz.
  SCM, VMI, IPO, Kitting, In-Plant Kitting Hub and alternate sourcing

  In the past 30 over years, NIE has acquired extensive experience in
  managing a wide range of customers and suppliers; from multinational and regional OEM & EMS houses to traders and retailers.

  Our integrity and commitment to build strong and meaningful long term partnerships has made NIE a reliable partner who understands the
  needs of growing changes and the vital need to be agile to meet those changes for our business partners.